It's always been a dream of mine of owning a greeting card shop. When I was younger I would see it as a small sliver between two boutiques. Packed with cards, stationery and small gifts. My love for greeting cards started when I noticed what effect a small note had. When friends or family around me needed a pick me up I was busy creating custom cards that would make them smile. Life happened and a different creative career took my focus off of greeting cards and stationery. 

When the idea for the Bicycle Identification Poster came about the process took around 2 years. My partner and I sat on creating it and finally we approached Chris Simonen (a friend who happened to be an illustrator and a bike mechanic). We asked Chris to do the illustrations. The bike poster launched in March 2015, it was and still is a hit with Torontonians amongst other Canadians.

Today I'm trying to put some of my other ideas on paper and create new work to fill In the end I feel like I did get my greeting card shop and now I'm having fun building it up! XO Agata


SLY EYE  is a Toronto based company that creates and designs insightful printed stuff. You might have heard of us by coming across our Bicycle Identification poster of Toronto that we created with Chris Simonen. Today we work on creating more fun cards and posters. If you have any other questions please feel free to email us, we're pretty good at getting back fairly quickly.


We love to design and we jump into action when inspiration calls. All of our designs are originally designed and illustrated by Agata Piskunowicz except where it states otherwise.